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Guaranteed Admission Program - City Colleges of Chicago

The goal of the Guaranteed Admission Program is to create a seamless transition for transfer students intending to complete their baccalaureate degree at Saint Xavier University (SXU). Students benefit by receiving guaranteed admission to SXU provided they meet admission and program requirements at the time of submitting the Guaranteed Admission Program Participation Form and maintaining those requirements until transferring to SXU.

General Guidelines

Students indicate their intention to participate in the program by completing this form.  This form should be submitted as soon as possible during your studies at City Colleges of Chicago in order to take advantage of Saint Xavier University's services such as academic advising, financial aid counseling and program specific scholarship opportunities.  Guaranteed admission students are subject to the same admission and degree requirements, as well as the same academic policies governing Saint Xavier University and City Colleges of Chicago students.

Due to the competitive admission requirements and space constraints, students interested in our traditional Nursing degree are not eligible for guaranteed admission.

  1. Meet with your advisor at your City Colleges of Chicago school to verify eligibility to apply.

  2. Submit this form to Saint Xavier University along with your unofficial City Colleges of Chicago transcript (as well as unofficial transcripts from all other colleges attended, if any). The transcript can be mailed or emailed to Our address is Saint Xavier University, 3700 West 103rd Street, Chicago, IL 60655.

  3. Upon SXU's confirmation of your eligibility for the Guaranteed Admission program, complete the Transfer Application for admission to SXU at, keyword: apply.  Plan to apply at least one semester before you intend to transfer to SXU to be eligible for scholarships.  Submit official transcript from all colleges or universities attended in addition to other documents listed on the SXU undergraduate application.


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Mailing Address
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My signature signifies that I wish to participate in the Guaranteed Admission Program. I agree to the guidelines established by Saint Xavier University and City Colleges of Chicago. I authorize the disclosure of my educational records between SXU and City Colleges of Chicago including, but not limited to, academic, admission, advising information, program completion status, student conduct, and financial aid eligibility and disbursement.